BIRTH_245   BIRTH (1997)          (get @ Amazon or iTunes or Google Play )

 Love Is Blind                   4:19 
 Mountain Of Fools          4:04
 With My Eyes                  5:13
 Down To The Top            3:37
 Sweet Love Of Mine        4:22

All songs written by Christian Grill, except „Mountain Of Fools“ music by Christian Grill and Gerold Mayr

Christian Grill: guitars and vocals
Gerold Moarly Mayr: bass
Robert Gremelmayr: drums

Special guests:
Martin Kessler: keys
Christian Bachner: sax on 3
Ines Pflügelmayr: b-vox on 1 and 5
Markus Gumpinger: percussion on 1, 4 and 5


‚I do have to say that ‚Down to the Top‘ has been one of the few songs I go to, to uplift me at times. It’s a favourite.‘ (Vesa, Ontario, Canada) ‚Love is Blind – This song came straight out of the gate with a funky riff. This is a funky tune where the bass player is straight gettin funky. The lyrics and vocals are excellent. It’s a groove that sounds like it’s out of the 70’s with a 90’s feel if that’s possible. Let’s try this..’A modern song with an excellent 70’s-like groove‘ Instruments were blazin and the guitar solo was a definite ‚ON HIT‘. WOULD DEFINITELY PAY TO SEE THESE GUYS LIVE!!! Mountain Of Fools – Damn These guys are jammin. They have a groove that is undeniably DA BOMB!! (Another for the ***HOT LIST***) I’m truly diggin on that bassist..he is in A ZONE The vocals are tight too….this is a great tune. I also checked out their live stuff on their page..they are a far cry from ‚STUDIO‘..these guys are FOR REAL!! OH SHIT..I have to take a quick pause cause I’m definitely rockin to this even has hints of the old ‚George Clinton‘ or groups of that era. Gonna listen again. Also adding these guys to my favorites..Man they are definitely kickin. The further you go into the song..the TIGHTER it gets!!! Nice break downs, Nice bkg vox at the end..this song has it all. I’m truly truly impressed.‘ (P.Blake) ‚A round and fine thing the boys of Aquarian Age delivered here. The Funk/Jazz band from Upper Austria for sure got something cooking and there is rumor that some people in California are running around on the beach with their mp3s. But let’s come to the point and talk about the CD: It begins with „Love is Blind“ which enchants with a cool text (‚I thought religious prudish moral code is completely out of date´) and an easygoing groove, generating a cool and airy attitude to life. The song ‚Mountain of Fools‘ is more or less a reckoning with the blindness of the world, text and music going together very well. ‚With my eyes‘ is a first-rate song for cuddling and ‚Down to the Top‘ is a top-quality catchy tune. Especially the bass is bad ass without end. Cool thing and then there´s the extremely catchy refrain. As closure for this ride „Sweet Love Of Mine“ is coming trough the speakers. Again cool bassline and the cool vocal part at the end which then is becoming a duet is for sure something. And that’s that then. With 5 songs and a running time of about 20 mins „BIRTH“ is a ep, but better less and high quality than much and a lot of crappy fills. Not the case here. Overall 20 minutes of cool and good music. Play it, relax, groove, enjoy.‘ (Musikmagazin. At) ‚Aquarian Age – Silky smooth vocals by artist extraordinairre Christian Grill will mellow you out in ‚Sweet Love of Mine‘. Excellent guitars in all of these songs (I must say I’m favorably biased to that funk sound). Great feel and good songwriting in ‚Down to the Top‘ – one of my favorites. Gotta give it up to the bass solo on this one! Give Aquarian Age a full listen and you may find yourself adding their CD to your shopping cart! Great listening with definate radio ready cuts primed for high rotation. I can’t tell which is better – the instrumentation, vocals, or songwriting. All of them just fab!‘ (Team Faithgroove)


AQUARIANAGE_cd_sob_front2_ap  SONGS OF BIRDS (2004)     (get @ Amazon or iTunes or Google Play)

Mirror, Mirror
Power Of Your Love
Perfect Day
Sweet Love Of Mine
Down To The Top (Live)


All songs: words/music by Christian Grill, exept „Power Of Your Love“ by Christian Grill und Harry Ahamer

Songs performed by: Run (Christian Grill: lead guitar, vocals / Sebastian Teufel: all other instruments), Questionmark (Christian Grill: guitars, vocals, keys, sounds / Markus Reiter: bass, sounds / Robert Gremelmayr: drums), Mirror Mirror (Christian Grill: guitars, vocals / Markus Reiter: bass, keys, programming / Robert Gremelmayr: drums), Power Of Your Love (Christian Grill: guitars, vocals / Gerold Mayr: bass / Robert Gremelmayr: drums / Petra Dorfner: b-vocals), Perfect Day (Christian Grill: guitars, vocals, keys, sounds, programming / Markus Reiter: bass / Robert Gremelmayr: drums), Sweet Love Of Mine (Christian Grill: guitars, vocals / Markus Reiter: bass, keys / Robert Gremelmayr: drums), Down To The Top (Live) (Christian Grill: guitar, vocals / Gerold Mayr: bass / Robert Gremelmayr: drums), Hypnotized (Christian Grill: keys, vocals)



aquarianage_esregnetzitronen_cover  Es regnet Zitronen (Extended)  (2010) (get @ Amazon or iTunes or Google Play )

aquarianage_nice_cover  Nice (2010) (get @ Amazon or iTunes or Google Play )

words/music by Christian Grill

performed by Christian Grill: lead guitar, vocals / Sebastian Teufel: all other instruments

aquarianage_perfectday_cover  Perfect Day (2011) (get @ Amazon or iTunes or Google Play )

words/music by Christian Grill

performed by Christian Grill: guitars, vocals, keys, sounds, programming / Gerold „Moarly“ Mayr: bass / Robert Gremelmayr: drums