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Aquarian Age

Founded in 1995 after a jam session. From „local heroes“ to „world-wide admiration“. Biggest radio hit: „Down To The Top“. Happy to have fans all over the world. No strict musical style but if you must you can call it „Chillosophy funk pop“.

Christian Grill guitars, voc

Born 1967 in Linz/Upper Austria

Composer and writer (also for other bands, composers and singers), started to play guitar at the age of 12, autodidact, first band at the age of 13 (Beatles, Nina Hagen, …..), at the age of 16 after an excursion to Rock, Punk and „indescribable strange music“ he fell into Jazz („Grillfisch Jazz Ensemble“, „Roland Bentz Quintett“) and got away from it step by step five years later. After some musical adventures in Graz, Styria („Zivilistenensemble“ and a musical cabaret) and much Street music „for a livin´“ back in Upper Austria the band „Level Experience“ and the Soundtrack to „Am Anfang war der Schleifstuhl“ followed. Started „Aquarian Age“ for the sake of making music.

…he could have given „the Groove“ to the tired music scene of Graz, maybe he did exactly that.“ „NEUE ZEIT“ Graz,1990 (daily newspaper)

Gerold „Moarly“ Mayr bass

Born 1968 in Grieskirchen/Upper Austria

Constructs and builds his own basses (f.e. the legendary GM-6-strings), has played bass since the age of 13, started to play dance music with show bands, then to play Jazz. Since that time he played in several bands and is also a well-known guest musician. He´s got the Blues and the Funk. Graduate of the Bruckner Music Academy in Linz (Jazz).

Robert Gremelmayr drums

Born 1966 in Vöcklabruck/Upper Austria.

Started to play drums at the age of 12, played in a Jazzrock-band called „Wahnsinn Live“, 1994 he started to play Jazz educated by Gerald Endstrasser. Studied Jazz for 1 year at the Mannes College of Music, New York (94/95) with Marvin Smith and Joe Farnsworth. Graduate of the Bruckner Music Academy in Linz (Bachelor of Arts /Jazz).